Determined decision of Immam Mahdi Fatwa of Royal, K.681 M1 as Great President of United Nations to be enforced as Final Decision

“The long-awaited, Happy Promised Day is approaching; All will be Happy and Convivial; On that Day, there will be no sadness, nor will there be misery; All shall be Provided; Love and Affection will Grow’ Loving Each Other; Peace on Persada Earth, Peace in our Heart.” — M1

“Determined decision of Immam Mahdi Fatwa of Royal, K.681 M1 as Great President of United Nations to be enforced as Final Decision of 12 World Portals; The Committee of 300-The International Organic Agency-United Nations which includes International Court and the Supreme Court of Indonesia:

  1.  Emergency Law for Society Economic Dynamics of Pancasila Economic Change through legal requirement of ALL DEBT liberation as part of Payments 1-11 (P1-11) Program according to Human Rights and,
  2.  The World responsibility right, through Debt Burden Liberation and the Warranty for Living Costs of People in the World,through Voucher MI-Master Bond Human Obligation, includes The Committee of 300-The World Bank Group-United Nations by Swissindo World Trust International Orbit and the entire Payments 1-11 (P1-11) Program.
  3.  The rise of True Self nation and Indonesian people against all forms of colonialism and banking slavery; this must be abolished as contrary to the basic philosophy of the country’s philosophy of Pancasila NKRI 17-8-1945 legal requirement, starting from the Debt Burden Liberation of the Citizens and the Granting of Voucher M1 as evidence and a form of defending the country as the nation and country of a pioneer and World Lighthouse.
  4.  This letter is to be implemented as a command and positive initiative in order to avoid sanctions of 100 year Jail Term/ Fine ofUSD. 1.000 Trillion for any banking and institution attempt to perpetuate the slavery system in the world, according to the Declaration of Validly, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II Control No. 01302014-CO300/2014, associated with the account numbers in 6 Prime Banks as part of the 884 Owner Accounts.”

Fatwa 24 Juni 2014.1. English by KimarieTeter

Fatwa 24 Juni 2014.1 Indonesian by KimarieTeter


            Debt Burden Liberation Certificate (DBLC) Being Disseminated in Lampung   

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